Top 8 Most Demanded Programming Languages in 2022

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Ever wondered which is the most demanded programming language in 2022? Although there are more than 200+ programming languages, only few of them are used in the real world industry. Knowing this information is essential to succeed in the developer job industry.

In the last 14 months (from Oct-2021 to Nov-2022), DevJobsScanner has analyzed more than 12M developer jobs. From that 12M jobs, DevJobsScanner has only picked the job offers that explicitly required a programming language. See section How has this study been made to know more information about it.

Keep reading below to know which languages are the most demanded 👇

1 - JavaScript / TypeScript

javascript and typescript logos

Since its creation to make the firsts websites dynamic, JavaScript hasn't stopped gaining popularity over the years. With that being said, currently JavaScript is the most demanded programming language in the entire market. Also, the arrival of TypeScript (a JavaScript superset with type safety) may also help to achieve this milestone. TypeScript popularity has only increased in recent years. Many new JavaScript frameworks are entirely written with TypeScript, like Angular or NestJS.

Since October 2021 to November 2022 (fourteen months), we have found 801K job offers that represents ~31% of the jobs that explicitly required JavaScript or TypeScript as a programming language.

JavaScript jobs demand by month in 2022

2 - Python

python logo

Without making much noise, Python has made its journey to be the second most demanded programming language in 2022. Its versatility, from scripting, running servers or for data analysis, has been key to achieving this milestone. Also, Python has one of the greatest and bigger communities out there.

During these fourteen months we have found 515K job offers that accounts for a total of ~20% of jobs that explicitly required Python as a programming language.

Python jobs demand by month in 2022

3 - Java

java logo

In the top three spot, as the third most demanded programming language, we found Java. Java language has been really popular since its creation in 1995. Even though this popularity has been decreasing over the last years with the appearance of more modern languages like Kotlin, it still holds a solid top three spot. Frameworks like Spring, used in many top tier companies, are helping to hold that position.

Java jobs demand by month in 2022

4 - C#

C# logo

The top four spot goes to C#. C# is a general purpose, multi-paradigm, object-oriented programming language, created mainly to address some of the weaknesses of C++. As a general purpose language, C# has a wide range of use cases. The most common usage of C# is with the .NET framework. It is also heavily used in the Unity game framework for scripting. Both .NET framework and Unity are popular among top tier companies.

C# jobs demand by month in 2022
  • Jobs Found: 305K (~12%)
  • Keywords: C#, .NET.

5 - PHP

PHP logo

The language that Twenty-seven years ago started as a simple “Personal Home Page Tool”, here the name PHP, has made an incredible journey since then. Is that so, that PHP is the fifth top most demanded programming language in 2022. Ending the 2022 with a 10% of the demand of all dev jobs offers, meaning that 1 out 10 dev jobs require PHP.

PHP is mainly used for web development, in conjunction with frameworks like Laravel or Wordpress.

PHP jobs demand by month in 2022

6 - C/C++

C/C++ programming language logo

Fifty years have passed since the first release of C, and 37 years from the later appearance of C++, which was firstly named “C with Classes”. In this long window of time, C/C++ has maintained its popularity with regular additions and improvements to the language. Modern C++ includes object-oriented, generics and also functional features. It also facilitates low level memory manipulation. Its usage in the industry is widely extended, C++ can be found on video games, servers, databases, space probes and many others.

C/C++ jobs demand by month in 2022
  • Jobs Found: 213K (~8%)
  • Keywords: C, C++.

7 - Ruby

Ruby language logo

Ruby holds the top seven most demanded programming language with 125K jobs found (~5% from the total job demand). Its most popular usage comes in conjunction with the web framework Ruby on Rails. Even though top seven may not seem much, Ruby runs some of the top tech companies nowadays, like Twitter, Crunchbase or Github.

Ruby jobs demand by month in 2022

8 - GO

Go language logo

Go is a young language created only 12 years ago by Google. Google designed Go to improve programming productivity in an era of multicore, networked machines and large codebases. As seen in the chart below, Go's popularity is slowly growing, and in 2023 it may be in the top five. Top tier companies like Uber or Twitch are using Go.

Go jobs demand by month in 2022
  • Jobs Found: 53K (~2%)
  • Keywords: Go

Most Demanded Programming Languages (full list)

Below is the complete chart with the programming languages and its respective demand in this 2022:

Most demanded programming languages in 2022

...and the same view subdivided by months:

Top 8 most demanded programming languages by month in 2022

How has this study been made?

The main objective of this study is to categorize the "dev jobs" by its programming language, minimizing the errors and getting the most accurate information possible. To achieve that, only the title has been used to categorize those jobs into programming languages. This is because we want just the jobs that explicitly require a programming language.

For example, a job with the title "Backend developer", even it has stack defined and also description with job requirements, is discarded and does not count for any language. Otherwise, a job with the title "React Developer" would count as JavaScript / TypeScript, and likewise a job with the title "Laravel Developer" would count as PHP.

Is also important to note that one job offer can count for 2 or more languages. For example a job with the title "Full Stack Developer (Django/Angular)" will count for languages Python and JavaScript / TypesScript.


It's clear that Javascript and Typescript really dominate the developer job market. Javascript and Typescript accounts for a total of 31% of the job offers that explicitly required a programming language. This is huge, meaning that nearly 1 out of 3 job offers required Javascript or Typescript knowledge.

Python and Java are the second and third most demanded programming languages in 2022 with a great number of job offers also. Notice that Java is closing distances with Python, with some months being Java in the top 2 spot, so anyone that may say that Java is an obsolete programming language may need to reconsider.

C#, C/C++ and PHP are also languages to watch out for, as they share a consistent upward trend. For example, PHP in Oct 2021 was at ~5% of the total dev job offers, and in Nov 2022 has almost a ~10%, almost double.

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