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The Most Demanded Frontend Frameworks in 2023

Discover the top frontend frameworks of 2023 with an in-depth analysis of over 500,000 job listings from LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and more, identifying the highest demand and best-paying technologies in the industry

Feb 5, 2024
Top 10 highest paid programming languages in 2023

Discover the highest paying programming languages of 2023, including Scala, Python, Solidity and more. See salaries peaking at $750K in our detailed top 10 list

Nov 13, 2023
Top 8 Most Demanded Programming Languages in 2023

Ever wondered which is the most demanded programming language in 2023? Although there are more than 200+ programming languages, only few of them are used in the real world industry. Knowing this information is essential to succeed in the developer job industry. In the last 17 months (from Jan-2022 to May-2023), DevJobsScanner has analyzed more than 7M developer jobs. From that 7M jobs, DevJobsScanner has only picked the job offers that explicitly required a programming language. Job offers with 4+ language or stack requirements were discarded.

Jun 22, 2023
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