The Most Demanded Frontend Frameworks in 2022

React vs Angular vs Vue

There is a never ending debate in the frontend community about all topics involving the current frontend frameworks. Which one has the best community, which one has the best developer experience and so on… In this article, DevJobsScanner is gonna show which of them has more demand and which is the best paid by real job offers. DevJobsScanner has analyzed roughly ~250k frontend jobs from 01-Oct-2021 to 31-Mar-2022 (6 months). All these jobs are from trusted sites like Linkedin, Glassdoor, RemoteOk, Dice and many others.

Let’s see what the data tells us πŸ‘‡

Which is the Most Demanded Frontend Framework?

Number of jobs by frontend framework

After analyzing for 6 months around ~250k frontend job offers, we found that React is the most demanded frontend framework with a total of 136k job offers counted. Angular sits in second place, with a total of 76k offers. In third position we found Vue, with 17k offers. "Others" represents all other frontend frameworks, like Svelte, Solid.js, Alpine, Backbone... Despite some of them being quite popular right now, the real job offers demand is really low.

In this chart below we can see the percentage of frontend job offers for each frontend framework:

Percentage of jobs by frontend framework

In the above chart we can see that:

  • ~58% choose to use React.
  • ~32% choose to use Angular.
  • ~7% choose to use Vue.

Note: This data represents all the frontend job offers that required a frontend framework. There is some small percentage of frontend job offers that do not require any frontend framework that are not in this dataset.

Is there any difference in frontend framework demand by countries?

What happens if we split those frontend framework job offers by countries? Can it make a noticeable difference? In the chart below we have subdivided the frontend job offers by country:

Percentage of jobs by country and frontend framework

While in the majority of countries there is an expected React dominance, there are some European countries that do not follow this behavior. For example France, where the percentage of Angular and React jobs is nearly the same. Also in France, Vue gets a 16% of market share, that is high above its 7%. Also, Germany and Spain are quite disruptive. There are also countries that heavily bet for React, like the United Kingdom or Sweden among others.

Which frontend framework has more Junior vs Senior vs Lead/Architect roles?

Frontend Framework demand by job title

The above chart shows the number of Junior, Senior and Lead/Architect roles for each frontend framework (Note that jobs that didn't have any of those words where discarded). We apparently see no much difference in React and Vue, having the majority of jobs tagged as "Senior". But it is not the same in Angular job offers, where a ~28% of Angular jobs (that had one of the keywords Junior, Senior or Lead/Architect) had the keyword Lead or Architect. It is hard to make assumptions on why this happens on Angular job offers, but this may be due to angular having larger apps that may require Lead or Architect profiles, or basically something within the community that tends to specify the jobs as Lead or Architect more frequently.

Which is the highest paying frontend framework?

Top paid frontend frameworks

React is the top paid frontend framework with an average salary of $106k per year. In the second and third place we found Vue and Angular respectively, with a similar annual salary of ~$93k and ~$92K. While Vue and Angular share similar paying stats, React surpasses them with almost $13k more salary per year.

You can check the current top paid jobs by frontend framework below πŸ‘‡


It is clear that in early 2022 the frontend framework that dominates the market is React. React accumulates nearly ~58% of all frontend job offers that require a frontend framework. React is also the top paid frontend framework with an average salary of $106k per year.

Said that though, Angular has a great amount of job offers also. This combined with the recently low interest that the StateOfJs2021 has stated (16% only), it may be a really good option, with maybe less competence than React. Those facts may be interesting to consider if one is starting the frontend developer journey.

About Vue, it is a great framework, has a lot of popularity, but sadly there aren't many jobs. I would not recommend start with Vue as the main frontend framework, instead, I would start with React or Angular, and if needed, switch to Vue later.

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